Cross shop - Cross Table

Which size is right for you?


Seats 6 to 8 guests
200cm long x 100cm wide
(6.56ft long x 3.28ft wide)


Seats 8 to 10 guests
250cm long x 100cm wide
(8.2ft long x 3.28ft wide)


Seats 10 to 12 guests
285cm long x 110cm wide
(9.4ft long x 3.6ft wide)


Seats 12 to 14 guests
300cm long x 110cm wide
(9.84ft long x 3.6ft wide)


Seats 14 to 16 guests
320cm long x 120cm wide
(10.5ft long x 3.9ft wide)

One design, hundreds of options

Bespoke craftsmanship

Every table is handmade to order by the finest professionals in the fields of wood and metal work. We use top class base materials and apply our own unique finishes that have been created over many years of honing the perfect balance between colour, durability and robustness to form a finished table that is both practical and a statement. All our tables are built using our unique production methods to ensure they won’t gap or bend in warm environments or from underfloor heating.

Built to fit

The cross steel frame design creates a stunning statement and practical table for kitchens to boardrooms. The frame allows for chairs to fit between, or around, the frame legs ensuring your guests are comfortable, no matter how long they are sat at your table. The overhang at the ends further ensures guests can sit at either end comfortably and without being encumbered by the leg frame underneath.

Unique finishes

All our finishes are designed to blend perfectly with any interior scheme and are as hard-wearing as they are wonderful to feel. Our tops are available in reclaimed wood, oak and ash and all come in a number of unique colours, designed to look great and feel warm. Our copper and zinc finishes have hand crafted patinas that create a statement like no other. Dekton is one of the hardest wearing materials on the planet and perfect for high usage environments. Our frames are built from high-grade steel and come in all available RAL colours, brushed stainless, bronze and copper patina finishes.

Cross outdoor banquet table

Order process

Once your order has been placed we confirm directly with you every single aspect of your order, from the selected size to your materials, finishes and colours as well as your delivery location, to ensure every aspect of your table is perfect before we begin production. You can of course make changes at this stage and if you decide you do want matching benches, or the table produced for outdoor use, these and many more options, can be added after your order has been placed. Once your table is confirmed and placed into production, delivery will normally be 6-8 weeks.