FAQ - Cross Table

Frequently asked questions

An important note about Zinc and Copper tops

After manufacture we seal all finishes with a lacquer finish which offers and element of protection for the metal and patinas. For cleaning you only need to use a damp wet cloth and occasionally you can brighten the table tops appearance with any good furniture silicone free polish including bees wax or Sheila Shine.

The lacquer does not however fully protect the metal table tops or patinas from marks and part of owning a Copper or Zinc top is the expectation for the tops to change, mark and patina over time and use.

Pools of water or other spillages that dwell on the surface, will create marks and these tops will start to develop a patina quickly upon use. Any acids in food and drinks will create a patina as will scuffs etc from glasses, plates, bowls etc. The patina will continue to develop and blend over time and cleaning but we must warn you, if you are looking for a table top to stay looking the same from the delivery day, then our tops may not be for you.

On no account should any acidic or alkaline cleaners be used, scourers or other abrasive product must not to be used and any spills must be removed quickly with warm soapy water and a soft cloth and dried, Sheila Shine polish may be reapplied if required to buff up your top.

You should not set down hot plates without using a trivet or place mat and use coasters for all drinking glasses, ensure any decorative ornaments placed on the table has a protective backing, felt feet or similar, so as to protect the top. Only use warm soapy water to clean, never use any chemical products or scourers. Test any anti bacterial sprays on a small area to check for compatibility before use and finally, beware of use in direct sunlight the tops can become extremely hot.

Download our care sheet here.

An important note about reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood, oak and ash are living and breathing natural items and will expand and contract based on their environment and the seasonal temperature. We ensure the wood is dried to within acceptable manufacturing standards and moisture content, and our unique table top construction allows for a warm environments and underfloor heating. Further characterisation can occur over time and, in our mind this is part of the beauty of using these woods in our furniture design.

Colours do vary from what you see in the pictures and may not match to the photos on this website. Sizes relating to the table itself mentioned on this website have a degree of variance and may not be spot on exact. Please treat this website as a guide to the final table we will supply you but rest assured your table will be stunning.

Where do you deliver?

We can arrange delivery anywhere in the world. So far the furthest our tables have travelled is Texas.

How and when do I pay for my furniture?

When ordering online we require an 100% payment at the time of order.

Do you have a returns policy?

We will ensure you get the quality product you expect. You may cancel your order up to 7 days from payment. Once this time has passed we cannot offer any type of refund until you have taken delivery of your order as these tables (and benches) are made to order. Once you have received your order you have 7 days to raise any issues you may have.

Do you arrange delivery?

Yes, we use a trusted delivery company who will carefully deliver your table to your location. Installation is not included in the prices listed and can be added at checkout. We send you detailed instructions on how to build our tables, these are easy to follow but will require at least two people depending on the top and size you have selected.

When will my table be delivered?

We work to a 6-8 week timeframe from receipt of order and payment. This can however vary depending on the time of year.

How are the tables delivered?

Tables are delivered as two parts, the table top and the steel frame. The steel frame is made up of four pieces which are simple to put together.

What reclaimed wood do you use?

The reclaimed wood we use is from reclaimed timbers, normally reclaimed pine, which we source ourselves, are full of character, hard-wearing and warm.

I want a different size to your measurements listed on the website?

No problem we can adjust the length and width of the table tops and the steel leg frame to accommodate your requirements. Click here to send us your specification using our form.